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A document we shared in Scribd about Cap Cana

Great introduction to the world of Cap Cana.

Cap Cana Discover the World’s New Great Destination Description This magical place is only minutes away from Punta Cana International Airport, with daily direct flights from Europe, North and Latin America. Cap Cana, which represents the re-birth of Caribbean luxury, is fairly named as The world’s new great destination. Being in Cap Cana is being in a piece of paradise on the earth. With 25 million square meters of natural wonderland, more than three miles of white sand and crystal, bluewater beaches, coral reefs, palm trees and wildlife sanctuaries, this resort is a true paradise of luxuryand comfort, where hospitality knows no boundaries. Cap Cana has a Five-star marina, which will harbor more than 500 ships. The Grand Canal will be surrounded by a charming village with the finest boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Cap Cana also has the most exclusive development in the Caribbean, Trump Farallon Estates. It is the only place in the world with three top-class golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus. A golf experience like this has never been attempted and will never be repeated, for no one else is Jack Nicklaus and nowhere else is Cap Cana. Punta Espada, the first Golf Course, is named for the coastlines resemblance to the tip of a sword. It features eight great holes directly on the stunning ocean coastline and ocean views from every hole. This magical place is only minutes away from Punta Cana International Airport, with daily direct flights from Europe, North and Latin America. In Cap Cana you can find The Farallon, a prestigious opp ortunity for those who possess the instinct and vision to choose ownwership. Sumerge yourself in the ecological wonders of this land, bike up our fluffs, explore our tropical gardens, live in paradise. 1 Dominican Republic Overview Dominican Republic offers much more than the typical Caribbean attractions of sun, sand, and sea. The beaches are spectacular, the weather is nice and warm all year round, and the Caribbean Sea is pristine, but the Dominican Republic is also a gorgeous island steeped in history and culture. The Dominican Republic not only offers golfers some of the best Caribbean golf courses but also abundant amount of historical sites, museums, colonial architecture, the first University, first sugar mill, and first Catholic church in the Americas. The Dominican Republic is located near the northern edge of the tropical zone in the Caribbean, between Cuba and Puerto Rico and enjoys a tropical maritime climate all year round. With an extension of 48,442 square kilometers, is the second largest country in the Antilles. The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. Climate The Dominican Republic enjoys a year round tropical maritime climate. A latitude of 17° 36, - 19° 58, places the Dominican Republic at the border of the tropical zone. Sea breezes refresh the insular territory, evening out temperatures to average 23°C in the early mornings to 32°C at mid-day. 2 There is little difference between winter and summer temperatures with July averaging at 82ºF (28ºC) and January at 76ºF (23ºC). The lowest temperatures occur in the mountain areas near Constanza, where temperatures have dropped to 0°C, and record highs have been registered at the frontier with Haiti, 39°C in the summer. The months of May to November are regarded as the rainy season. The hurricane season lasts from June through November, with August-September being the peak months. Location Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean, eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Haiti. Is between the island of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Traveling to Cap Cana The Punta Cana International Airport is very modern, clean and safe. It has daily direct flights to/from many major U.S. cities including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta and Charlotte. It is just a three and a half-hour flight from New York City to Punta Cana. From Miami, it is just a 90-minute trip. The Cap Cana resort is just eight minutes from the airport. The resort will have its own shuttle service. Ecology Cap Cana is a unique ecological wonder in the Dominican Republic. The explorations made in the forests of the project have resulted in the incredible discovery of species of plants and animals that constitute for new scientific research. As a result, Cap Cana has become the most treasured ecotourism pole in the country. Our coast are visited by hunchback whales, marine turtles and other exotic species. The archaeological wealth, still undiscovered, is one of most important ecological areas of the Dominican Republic. In addition, we have the only protected population of iguanas (cyclura cornuta) of the East, excluding those that live in the National Park of the East. An undetermined number of species of reptiles and insects inhabit this part of the earth. Their 3 main refuges are the fascinating caves, carsticas depressions and majestic bluffs that border this mega project. Exploration and investigation continue and it is very probable that other botanical, zoological and archaeological treasures will be discovered. We invite visitors to discover the hidden archeological paradise that only Cap Cana can offer. Golf Nowhere else in the world will the golf experience be like this. With a tropical setting and Nicklaus details. Three courses, fifty-four holes, each offering their own challenges and rewards. Nicklaus Design is the global firm founded by golf legend Jack Nicklaus and owened by the Nicklaus family. Nicklaus Design is widely regarded as the world’s leading design firm with 306 courses open for play in 29 countries and 38 states. Of those, Jack Nicklaus has been involved in 250 courses. At least 48 Nicklaus Design courses have been ranked in various national or international Top-100 lists, and at least 79 Nicklaus design courses have hosted a combined total of more than 500 championships. Marina Cap Cana´s Marina is the pillar of the project and is designed to be the most complete state-of-the-art marina in the Caribbean. The Grand Canal is the central axis of the marina, surrounded by luxury stores, exclusive restaurants and a five-star hotel. Environment-frienly “vaporetto” shuttles will proide transportation through these waterways and will feature an innovative system exclusively for transporting visitors. 4 The Cap Cana Marina is a 96 million dollar project and is being built in three stages. Upon its completion, it will have the capacity for over 1,000 boats, including mega yachts. The Marina is the only full-service marina in a 400 kilometers radius between the Turks and Caidos and Puerto Rico, accommodating all types of yachts, ranging from 150 plus feet (50 meters). It offers ample maintenance services, as well as port and customs authorities. In April of 2007, the first stage was inaugurated with a magnificent event. By the end of 2007, the marina will have capacity for 189 yachts up to 200 + ft. With a design that includes 1,000 slips for luxury yachts, the marina is reminiscent of the colorful ports of the Mediterranean. The range of pastel colored condominiums, its turquoise sea and the splendor of the central plaza with is commercial gallery with sotres of exclusive designers and bistros will c ertainly heighten the finest and complete surroundings of its kind in the Caribbean region. The marina is the central point that reunites residents and visitors in a relaxed and international atmosphere. Through the Central Canal, vaporettos will transport passengers to and from all exclusive places for dining and entertainment. With its privileged proximity in regards to the Caribbean, the marina is close to the Mona Canal, one of the five major fishing destinations in the World, an enviable spot on the coast especially with its extended fishing season (March to October). The Mona Canal is ideal for deep-sea and submarine fishing. Beach Five miles of spectacular white sand beaches and crystalline water. 5 Dancing to the melody of beauty and romance, the Caribean Seas crystal blue waters flow gently onto the white sandy beaches, embellishing everything in its surroundings. Towering palm trees sway in the mild breeze. Collaborators CAP CANA has assembled an elite team of professionals to develop this project. They are: 6 More information To view more information about this exciting opportunity, please visit 7

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